International Cybersecurity Forum 28th, 29th and 30th January 2020 Lille Grand Palais

And the 3 winners of the FIC 2020 Startup Award are ...

Tuesday 10 December 2019
Organized jointly by the Gendarmerie nationale and CEIS, with the support of the Hauts-de-France Region, the FIC awards each year, thanks to a jury of experts, the FIC Startup Award...

Sponsored by Airbus Defense and Space, the FIC Startup Award, awarded as part of the International Cybersecurity Forum, this year is awarded to three startups: Olvid, FIC Startup Award - Citalid, Jury Prize and Tarides, Coup de cœur du Jury.

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Out of 50 candidates (including 34 new and foreign startups (Canada, Italy, Switzerland), 12 companies were audited by the FIC 2020 Startup Award Jury (in alphabetical order): Acklio, Articule, Citalid, Cybelius, FlareSystem, Guitgardian, Hackuity, HarfangLab, Ogo Security, Olvid, Tarides and Weakspot.
The FIC, place of innovation in cybersecurity
Through the FIC Startup Award, the event actively participates in the innovation of the cyber sector, including an innovation space on the show that brings together many startups each year. This year, the FIC hosts some 40 startups: the candidates and winners of the FIC 2020 Startup Award, those of the FIC 2019 and other international startups.

Guillaume Tissier, President of CEIS: "The Cyber ​​Pole of Excellence in Rennes, EuraTechnologies in Lille, soon the Cyber ​​Campus, the latest fundraisers of several cyber startups ... France has many advantages for the sector and the FIC is the reflection of this dynamism ".